Gummy bears DIY


We all love them, but hardly anyone knows how easy it actually is to make them yourself: gummy bears. So instead of always looking for the right pack in the shop, you can easily conjure up your favorite places yourself in your kitchen.

This not only has the great advantage that you have to sort out the ones you don't like, your homemade gummy bears will also be a hit at every party and, last but not least, children have a lot of fun making gummy bears and closing them decorate. This also provides a tasty change on a boring afternoon. But how exactly do these wonderful little rubber animals succeed?

This is important to keep in mind when making gummy bear magic

You might think that complicated equipment is needed to make the snack and get that cute shape too. But you thought wrong, because you can probably already find everything you need in your kitchen. It consists of a saucepan and a whisk. A spatula can also help to get the remaining liquid mass out of the pot.

In order to get the desired shape, you can now find your own silicone gummy bear molds in almost every household goods store and even in well-stocked supermarkets.

These are easy to fill and thanks to the special flexibility of the material, the treats ideally come out of the mold very easily when they are done. If that's not the case, you'll learn a little trick a little later.

If you don't want to buy such a mold separately, you can simply pour the mass in the desired thickness onto a clean baking sheet or baking paper. When it has set, you simply cut out the desired motifs with the help of cookie cutters and you have gummy bears that look completely different.

You need these ingredients for the soft delicacy

The only basic ingredient that no gummy bear should be without is gelling powder, although this can also be replaced by the vegan version agar-agar. Whether you choose syrup, fruit juice, tea or even pureed fruit as an additional basic ingredient for your bears is entirely up to your individual taste.

You can of course experiment and combine ingredients until you have found your very own recipe. To provide the necessary sweetness, you can use sugar, stevia, agave syrup or coconut blossom sugar. Of course, you can add some food coloring to your gummy bears' appearance, but it doesn't have to be.

Food colors from Wenburg

Since the little treats stick together easily once they are finished and packed together, it is advisable to dust them with a little cornstarch. This is absolutely tasteless and it is best to use a simple sieve for this step.

Make gummy bears yourself - the step-by-step recipe

1. Heat the ingredients

First you have to heat your chosen juice, tea or syrup together with the gelling powder while stirring constantly. You should take your time with this step so that the mixture is even and free of bubbles. You would see these later in the form of holes in the gummy bears. The mass has reached the perfect consistency when it thickens a little. Now it's time to take the pot off the stove.

2. The gelatin will set
Over the next few minutes you will see the gelatine getting harder and this process will be complete after five to ten minutes.

3. Giving shape to the mass
Now it's time for the delicious base to get the shape you want. Either you pour them into the silicone molds already mentioned for this purpose or you use the baking sheet method. Either way, your end product will definitely look great.

4. The gummy bears cannot be removed from the mold? This trick can help
Although it is always said that really any mass can be removed from the silicone molds, the reality is often different. If your gummy bears also seem to be fused tightly into the mold, simply place the bottom part of the mold in hot water. If possible, the animals themselves should not get wet, otherwise they could lose their taste.

Decorating gummy bears – just try it out
Especially together with children it can be a lot of fun to give your own rubber animals a very special look. So how about, for example, scattering sugar balls into the mass that hasn't quite set yet? You already have a treat with a glitter effect. Or you can decorate your finished rubber animal cookies with food pens. There are no limits to your imagination and the best thing is, the result will also taste great.

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