Personal advent calendar


What could be nicer than bright children's eyes when children wake up on 01.12. wake up and find a self-made advent calendar.

use of parents

Of course, this calendar is not made by Santa Claus himself, but by the adults. How and with what content you can fill the calendar and how best to make it, here are a few inspirations.

Advent calendar in a fabric bag

A great variant of the Advent calendar is this one, in which small fabric bags are filled. You either buy a one-off matching fabric bag and stick the respective number on it, or you can make the bag yourself quickly and easily. The great thing about this variant is that it is reusable and can simply be refilled next year.

Materials needed for crafting:

  • fabric or scraps of fabric
  • Gift ribbon for closing
  • sewing machine or needle and thread

Possible contents for the cloth bags:

  • chocolate
  • game characters
  • sweets
  • trading cards
  • small books
  • scratch cards

Advent calendar with small gifts

You know how children's eyes light up when they're allowed to unwrap presents, and when you imagine them doing it for 24 days, it's also a pleasure.

It is best to start well before Christmas and collect small boxes, because they are best for wrapping small things nicely in them.

Then you hide the little things in a box and wrap it like a normal gift with wrapping paper and a nice bow. The more different the sizes of the boxes, the more unusual the calendar looks in the end.

When it comes to wrapping paper, you can also decide freely whether all gifts should appear uniform or whether you want to change the paper. At the end simply stick the number of the respective calendar day on it and decorate it with a nice bow.

If you don't have that many boxes available, but would still like to have a uniform size for the individual gifts, you can simply use bread paper bags or mailing bags. You can then lovingly decorate them with decorations or paint them, so that they are also unique.

Materials needed:

  • Cardboard boxes of different sizes
  • Wrapping paper, can also be different
  • Stickers for the respective days
  • duct tape
  • ribbon

Possible content for the gifts in the advent calendar:

  • chocolate
  • game characters
  • rubber animals
  • small jigsaw puzzle
  • trading cards
  • Books
  • Sweets
  • chewing gums
  • socks
  • Cap
  • gloves

Hang the advent calendar in the window

Another great idea to display the advent calendar is to hang it in a window. The best way to do this is to get a branch, preferably from a Christmas tree, and hang it up diagonally with the help of two loops.

So you have created a great combination of Christmas decorations and an advent calendar. The individual "doors" are then simply hung wildly and crosswise with twine on the branch so that they hang down. The calendar with the fabric bags for is best suited here.

Distribute advent calendars on the steps

The staircase is best suited to lovingly decorate the advent calendar with the many small gifts. Of course, only if there are stairs inside, otherwise the hallway is also a great option.

On the stairs you put a small gift with the respective calendar number on each step. So the child can also visually see how long it will be until Santa Claus comes. The calendar with the small gifts is of course best suited for this variant.

If it is the hallway variant, it looks great if there is a chain of lights winding between the individual gifts. This gives a great light and is again a Christmas decoration.

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