Gift wrapping ideas


There are many possibilities in the do-it-yourself context to produce gift packaging and to wrap gifts. In this article, I will introduce you to some beautiful craft techniques.

Create beautiful gift boxes using decoupage

Homemade gift boxes can be conjured up, for example, with the help of napkin technology. A plain-colored box is required for this. The color of the cardboard forms the background colour, which is why a white cardboard is ideal for a neutral background colour.

Napkins that are difficult to tear are particularly suitable for beginners in the serviette technique. In craft stores there are napkins with many beautiful motifs. There are special adhesives for the serviette technique which have the strength of a varnish or glue. As an additional material, a stable and slightly wider brush is required.

With this technique, the selected motifs on the serviette are cut out with scissors. Then the back is brushed with the special glue with a brush and glued to the cardboard.

Fold small gift boxes using the origami technique

Small gift boxes can also be made using the origami folding technique. Particularly unusual patterns or colors are suitable when choosing the folding paper. Since these boxes are very small, they are very suitable for giving away small items such as jewelry or vouchers. They are also ideal for gifts of money.

Homemade gift cards for gifts of money and vouchers

Other ways to avoid commercial wrapping paper could be home-made cards for gifts of money or vouchers. Construction paper or colored paper, as well as glue and colored pencils are suitable materials for do-it-yourself gift cards. When it comes to making gift cards, there are no limits to your own imagination.

You can conjure up 3D cards, create 2D cards with drawings, stick numbers made of construction paper onto a colored background paper for number birthdays or use the funny folding technique of the banknotes, etc. Your creativity and skill are required - there are tons of handicraft possibilities.

gift of money gift of money

Homemade tie-dye bags as an alternative to gift boxes

Batik can create beautiful patterns on fabrics. This can be used wonderfully for gift packaging. A white cloth bag the size of the present is required for a self-made tie-dye cloth bag. The gift should fit perfectly into the bag and not look out.

Additional materials required:

  • tie dye
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • gummies
  • cooking spoon
  • Pot
  • water
  • rubber gloves
  • bowl
  • hot plate

To make a batik fabric bag, the fabric bag is twisted or knotted and held in the twisted or knotted shape with yarn and rubber bands. Then water with batik color is heated in a pot, stirring several times with a wooden spoon.

Just before boiling, the temperature of the hotplate is reduced. The cloth bag with yarn and elastic is then placed in the pot and left in the pot for 60 minutes, turning it several times. After the 60 minutes exposure time, the bag with the yarn and the elastics is placed in a bowl and rinsed with water. Then the bag can be freed from the yarn and the elastics and hung up to dry.

Create wrapping paper from wrapping paper

In order to conjure up wrapping paper from wrapping paper, you need either drawing skills or finger paint. If you are good at drawing and painting, you can use pencils or paint to design the wrapping paper creatively.

But wrapping paper can also be beautifully designed with finger paint. With the finger paint you can use your fingers, hands or objects as stamps for stamping the wrapping paper. You can also draw lines on the wrapping paper with pens. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to designing the wrapping paper.

wrapping paper wrapping paper

Chinese newspaper is also useful as wrapping paper

Since the Chinese characters are mostly illegible for us but look very beautiful, the Chinese newspapers offer a wonderful opportunity to be used as wrapping paper. Many Chinese daily newspapers are also optimally sized for this. Some Asian markets are happy to give the newspapers to their customers for free.

And below is the video with the creative tips for designing and wrapping gifts for Christmas, because your favorite celebration is just around the corner.

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