Homemade Halloween Decorations


As every year, a spooky festival is held on Halloween evening, which children in particular are said to have great fun with. It's supposed to be a bit like a cabinet of horrors and a ghost train. But how can the apartment be decorated in this regard? Here are a few tips.

A skeleton

A skeleton always looks creepy. It can be hung on the door or dangled from the ceiling. Mostly it is made of plastic, sometimes also made of paper. Making a skeleton yourself is rather time-consuming, it is worth using a paper print or a skeleton made of plastic, which is commercially available. Skeletons can vary in size, but of course a human-sized skeleton is the most beautiful.

blood candles

Blood candles are red inside. When the candle is lit, it looks like it will bleed. The red wax runs down the side. Blood candles can be made by first pouring a normal candle and then covering it with a different kind of wax. Blood candles can also be purchased.

fake blood

The fake blood goes well with the blood candles and possibly a Dracula disguise. This is available in different quantities and is also called film blood or theater blood, because the problem with blood does not only occur on Halloween, but also on other occasions.

Depending on the use, the blood can be spread on clothing or also act as a "decoration" in the room. For example, a game could be set up involving the skeleton and the fake blood, and guessing the killer. Fake blood can also be used on the face if a bruised effect is to be created on the skin. A bloody face is always creepy and a shiver runs down everyone's spine when they see it.

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Headstones are made of different materials and come in different sizes. starting at 10 cm to quite large. The material is rarely real stone, but mostly plastic or styrofoam. Popular stones contain the letters RIP or a skeleton. Skulls can also decorate an artificial Halloween tombstone. The tombstones can be placed in the house or as a decoration in the garden.

Tombstones can be made yourself by buying a styrofoam sheet from a hardware store, cutting it out and painting it with a spray gun. There are different grain widths of Styrofoam for this purpose. The gravestone is most beautiful with a fine polystyrene. It is important to ensure that the styrofoam is far enough away from a burning candle, as styrofoam can burn very quickly and toxic substances are then produced.

Halloween pumpkin and candles Halloween pumpkin and candles


A pumpkin face is still one of the most popular Halloween design ideas. It's also quite easy to hollow out a pumpkin and carve a beautiful face out of it. For the pumpkin you cut off a top, first hollow out the pumpkin and then give it a face with a knife.

Then a candle is placed in the empty gourd, the face with the hollow eyes and hollow mouth glows in the night. A wonderful and poetic idea that makes all children happy. For this idea you need a big pumpkin and a big candle. You may put aluminum foil under the candle.

Halloween recipes with food coloring

Food coloring can be used to dye food the desired color. A cake can suddenly turn bright green, or bread can turn black. Food coloring is particularly good for icing and real miracles can be created.

Food colors from Wenburg

Whether it's creepy eggheads or skulls, there are no limits to your imagination. The benefit of food coloring is that it is not harmful to health and is tested. Only dyes with some prohibited E numbers may be sold here.

But some colors can also be created with natural means. For example, beets and their juice are ideal for blood imitations and deep red dishes. Cocoa is suitable for the color brown and yellow dots can be created with homemade mayonnaise or with quark and curry.

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