The Shocker Recipe for Halloween - The Bloody Brain


If you are just thinking about which extraordinary recipes you can use to scare your guests for Halloween, then we have the perfect suggestion for you: the bloody brain. This sweet horrible not only tastes great, but looks scary too. The perfect shocker recipe for Halloween - a bloody brain that tastes like pudding.

The bloody brain recipe

With us you will learn which ingredients you need for this great dessert, how you can make a real brain from pudding yourself with just a few simple steps and what you need to pay attention to.

Don't worry if you don't like being in the kitchen, because this recipe is not only very easy to make, but also takes very little time. However, you should plan at least one day for the preparation.

The ingredient list for the bloody brain

  • red and/or blue food coloring
  • one litre of milk
  • enough vanilla pudding powder for 1.5 liters of milk
  • A pudding shape that looks like a brain or an oval bowl
  • cling film and aluminum foil

The preparation of the delicious bleeding brain

To prepare this fantastically spooky Halloween recipe, all you have to do first is simply cook the pudding according to the instructions. However, it is important that you use vanilla-flavored pudding powder for one and a half liters of milk for one liter of milk.

In this way you ensure that the pudding becomes a bit more compact or harder, which makes the subsequent work much easier and the brain comes out of the mold more easily.

You then have to put the pudding mixture into the mold provided, which ideally looks like a brain. There are now special "brain molds" available in various specialist shops that are also suitable for baking brain cakes or tarts.

If you do not want to buy one separately, however, it is perfectly sufficient to use an oval or circular bowl for this. However, this should definitely be at least one liter. However, before you put the liquid in such a bowl, you should form some small sausages out of aluminum foil so that you can form the typical grooves for the brain.

It is important to press the aluminum foil together as tightly as possible so that it really does not deform. Then a complete layer of aluminum foil is put into the bowl, which also has to be pressed down very well and with the help of which the perfect brain shape is finally achieved.

One last important step to give the bloody brain the perfect look is adding a layer of cling film to the bowl to seal everything airtight so no pudding gets into the crevices between the aluminum foil.

Now it's time to pour the still hot pudding liquid into the bowl and let it cool overnight. For this it is recommended to leave the bowl at room temperature first and then put it in the fridge.

A little skill is required here

The next day, take a knife that you have warmed up well under hot water and use it to loosen the edge of the pudding from the bowl.

In order for the bleeding brain to retain its shape, you should then place the keys in a hot water bath for about a minute, whereby the pudding itself should never come into contact with the water, otherwise it can dissolve.

Then take a large plate and cover the bowl with it, flip the mold over with a quick tilting motion and the brain slides onto the plate. If this doesn't work, simply heat the mold a little longer in the water bath.

Use food coloring

Now it's time to make the brain bleed, and for that you'll start by using the red food coloring on hand to emphasize the indentations made by either the pudding mold or the aluminum foil. For this purpose, you can also use solid sugar writing and form one or the other pool of blood with the liquid food coloring in red.

Now comes the blue food coloring it's my turn, because with this it is very easy to transform the red used into a beautiful dark violet and thus give the bleeding brain even more real color design.

In particular, the underside of your pudding can be wonderfully emphasized in this way and therefore the food coloring should not be missing to really make your guests shudder.

Your bleeding brain is done. Now present this on a nice plate, which you can smear with some red food coloring and cut the brain in one place or another.

Not only will your guests be amazed at how amazing the bleeding brain looks, they'll also be amazed at the taste.
Enjoy your meal!

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