Philadelphia cake – a classic cake without baking


Nothing beats a delicious piece of cake with your coffee or tea. But what happens if you first have to bake it laboriously or if it's summer hot again? Then the motivation to fire up the oven and make a dough is rather small. Sometimes it simply fails because of the missing ingredients. A cake classic can help. This cake can be prepared quickly, tastes good even on hot days and only needs a few ingredients.

If you don't have any eggs at home, you can still make this cake, because you don't need to mix the dough. The Philadelphia cake is a classic cake that does not require any complex preparation and is made entirely without baking. No dough, no oven, just a fridge is needed to create a delicious treat.

Philadelphia cake – easy, variable and quick to make

But how does a cake work without any dough for the base? Of course, there are also Philadelphia cakes with a baked base. But most of these cakes can do without it. The variants without baking usually use a cake base made of ladyfingers mixed with butter.

Biscuits, mainly butter biscuits or American cookies with pieces of chocolate, are used as an alternative to ladyfingers in many recipes. With the rolling pin, ladyfingers and biscuits can be processed into crumbs quickly and easily. It is best to put them in a freezer bag.

Philly cake
Philly cake.

In one recipe, the crumbs are mixed with softened butter, in another with melted butter. This is previously melted on the stove. It is advisable to follow the exact quantities in the recipe. The butter cools down significantly in the refrigerator and can become quite hard if too much of it is used.

Then the Philadelphia cake can then be difficult to cut or get out of shape. Depending on the desired shape, the base can be pressed into a casserole dish or a round or square casserole dish. A potato masher is quite helpful. The resulting cake base is then covered with cling film and placed in the fridge. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to set.

Only then is the cream cheese and other ingredients put on the cake.

Food colors from Wenburg

Fresh fruit as an eye-catcher

Over time, countless recipes for these popular no-bake cakes have emerged. The classic Philadelphia cake recipe uses gelatin to bind. The cream cheese is mixed together with yoghurt, lemon juice and a little sugar until creamy and placed on the chilled crumb base.

Depending on the season and taste, the Philadelphia cake can then be decorated with fruit. This not only serves the taste, but also the garnish and thus the decoration of the cake. With such a smooth and single-colored cake, there are no limits to the imagination.

A Philadelphia cake is a tasty affair for every occasion, whether for a wedding, christening, communion, confirmation or a birthday. The classic appearance of the cake can be individually changed not only with fruit, but also with cream tuffs, chocolate shavings and sugar decorations. Ultimately, no cake resembles the other. A work of art is created quickly and easily that tastes good and looks good. Finally, the eye with.

Set for every occasion

If you don't want to just put the fruit loosely on the cream, you can also mix a cake glaze from commercially available cake glaze with water or juice and pour it over the fruit to stabilize it. Instead of the gelatine, which is used in the classic recipe to bind the cream, jelly powder is often used in other recipes with Philadelphia.

This is usually done with lemon flavor, but all other flavors are also possible, from woodruff to cherry to raspberry. Experimentation is allowed and also brings color into play. Cakes made from cream cheese are not really suitable for a fondant garnish. On the one hand, fondant in the form of figures has a certain weight and would sink, on the other hand, the figures on the cream will soak through.

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Philadelphia cakes score across the board

Philadelphia cakes score with their great variety, easy production and good taste. Its freshness in summer, when it goes straight from the fridge to the table, is another plus point. This type of treat can also be used as a dessert.

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