Mango Cheesecake


Glass instead of baking pan, cooling instead of baking: this cake is different. Mango cheesecake is quick and easy to make.

The summer cake without baking has another advantage for kitchen artists: There are at least 1001 variations. This palate flatterer never gets boring. Because by making small changes to the ingredients, you can always conjure up new exotic taste experiences.

The simple basic recipe

The mango cheesecake consists of three layers and a garnish. Pour these layers (about a third of the volume each) into a glass or dessert bowl, one at a time. The filled glasses then go into the fridge. Before eating, the cold cake must rest and cool for at least 90 to 120 minutes.

Layer 1 - The base of the cake in the jar

Where the dough goes for a Stino cheesecake, this recipe uses ready-made, hard-baked cookies and nuts. The ingredients are gently crushed, or chopped, into bite-sized pieces. The mixture is then draped on the bottom of the glass and pressed down with a spoon or your fingers.

The glass is about a third full. Should the cake in the glass be a little richer? Simply melt a tablespoon of butter, mix with two teaspoons of brown sugar and pour over the base.

Here are a few suggestions for tasty basics. Depending on your favorite taste and what is currently available in the household, you can mix and match:

  • Almond slivers and cinnamon biscuits
  • Butter biscuits and chopped hazelnuts
  • Chai tea cookies and chopped dried fruit
  • Chopped walnuts and chocolate chip cookies
  • Coconut cookies or coconut macaroons
  • Crumbly pumpernickel with slivers of white chocolate
  • Chopped macadamia nuts and vanilla biscuits
  • Toasted raisin bread and grated coconut
  • Chocolate shavings and peanut butter cookies
  • Ladyfingers and chopped nut mix
  • Small diced candied fruit and oatcakes
  • Shortcrust cookies and chopped peanuts
  • Grated dark chocolate and ginger biscuits
  • Cornflakes biscuits with white chocolate
  • Peppermint biscuits with chopped cashew nuts
  • Don't throw anything away: leftover toasted cakes
  • Chopped nut mix with chopped dried dates
No-Bake Mango Cheesecake No-Bake Mango Cheesecake

Layer 2 - The white center

The cheese portion of the fridge cake is the dividing middle layer. The middle third forms the creamy part in the no-bake cake. There are also many interesting variations and flavors to choose from. Here are a few tried and tested suggestions:

  • Mix in the vanilla (pod or extract) and cream until creamy: cream cheese
  • Lactose-free: Whip the soy cream until stiff, refine with a teaspoon of cane sugar
  • Unusual, but delicious: Greek yoghurt made from sheep's milk
  • Rice pudding previously cooked with lots of milk and cooled
  • Quark or cream cheese mixed with a hint of orange liqueur
  • Dairy-free: Chia pudding mixed with thick coconut milk
  • Drain a little beforehand: cottage cheese
  • Crème fraîche mixed with a few grated coconut
  • Fold in the crème caramel with the stiff cream
  • Interesting liaison: Greek quark mixed with whipped cream
  • Vegan variant: tofu cream or quark refined with fresh vanilla
  • A pleasantly pithy sour note with: crumbled layered cheese
  • For the daring: Goat's milk yoghurt mixed with a little sour cream
  • For purists: simply whipped cream
  • For fun: stiffly whipped cream mixed with eggnog

Layer 3 - The Crown of Exotic Mango

When it comes to the final layer, you can actually make it very easy for yourself: peel the mango, remove the core and process it into a puree with a hand blender or blender. But if you want to attract attention with culinary skills and sophistication, you can vary here in many ways.

There are more than 1000 mango varieties worldwide. There are around 50 to 60 of them on the European market. The small (often inconspicuous) varieties with more fruit acid and a large variety of flavors are best suited for the cheesecake in the glass.

A mixture has also proven useful in the kitchen: the main part is made up of the sweet yellow mangoes and a green (not yet ripe) mango as a fruit acid carrier. Here are a few delicious ideas and suggestions for the mango crown:

  • Do not puree the mangoes, but cut them into very small pieces, catching the fruit juice
  • Fresh mangoes are not available? Mango jam is a good substitute
  • Surprise: add two strips of fresh chilli (powder is not suitable)
  • Fischer lime juice (a tablespoon is enough) brings fine acidity into play
  • Refined: a hint of cardamom, or cinnamon, or fresh green pepper, a pinch of salt
  • Briefly bring mango pieces, a dash of peppermint liqueur and a pinch of agar-agar to the boil, allow to cool and harden
  • Refine highly acidic mangoes with a little honey

A feast for the eyes: the mango cheesecake garnish

There are also many interesting options for decorating the innovative dessert:

Wenburg cake decoration set
  • Cool cake for a child's birthday? On top a couple of Smarties or gummy bears
  • Wild blueberries (whole fruit)
  • Small soft amarettini
  • Half a tablet of mint chocolate
  • Maraschino cherry on an icing
  • Scooped contents of a passion fruit (passion fruit)
  • Peeled piece of a tangerine
  • Icing on the cake with chocolate shavings or cocoa powder
  • Small white chocolate praline
  • mini meringue
  • Raspberry on fresh peppermint leaves
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