Make your own cupcakes and tarts


Like so many things from the USA, cooking and baking trends also enrich our taste buds in Europe. Cakes, cookies, desserts and the like aren't just for those with a sweet tooth. The small round tartlets, also known as "cup cakes" in English, are something special. They have long been available in all sorts of different flavors, and there are no limits to the imagination of bakers when it comes to decoration and toppings.

Cupcakes and little tarts DIY

But if you now think that only experienced pastry chefs can prepare the sweet little temptations, you are wrong. Making cupcakes and other small tarts yourself has long since become a trend and makes creative minds happy. We will show you which instruments you can use to create different decorations to give your cupcakes that individual touch.

Bake cupcakes – the dough

The little treats are made from a simple batter, which should be as fluffy and soft as possible. This keeps the tarts fluffy and fluffy even after baking, ideal as a small dessert or to accompany afternoon coffee. In order for this to succeed, you must mix all the ingredients together and put the molds in the oven without prior resting time.

Small cups are a good shape, hence the name of the tartlets. If you only have a few small cups, you can use commercially available silicone molds or muffin tins. The silicone specimens are also easier to clean after use.

After baking comes the freestyle – decoration and topping

There is no question - the right, loving decoration is what turns the baking trend into a visually appealing pleasure that is now known all over the world. You need the right tools to stylishly shape the delicate little things with cream.

The most popular tools for this are russian spouts and Piping nozzles, these are ideal for further processing of a solid cream. Without this frosting, a real cupcake is missing a whole piece.

Piping tips from Wenburg

The cream - the most important ingredient for pretty decorative cupcakes

The ideal cream is firm, dimensionally stable and withstands even small shocks. Therefore, you should use solid ingredients such as buttercream, cream cheese or a cream and chocolate ganache. These foods give the cupcakes the necessary staying power and can also be applied wonderfully and with attention to detail.

Mixed with food coloring, some fruit juice or colored sprinkles, classic buttercream is the ideal material for decorating your cupcakes.

Food colors from Wenburg

Another option is a frosting made primarily with cream cheese. A little butter adds shine and smoothness, powdered sugar also improves stability and adds a sweet taste. Again, you can stir colors, nuts, glitter particles and much more into the cream to give your cupcakes variety and rich colors.

It is important for both cream variants that you mix them evenly so that no lumps of butter or powdered sugar remain. This works best at room temperature, and none of the ingredients should be used straight from the fridge.

The tools for the final decoration

1. Russian spouts

These filigree attachments actually come from Russia, where they are mostly used for egg white toppings. They are made of metal or steel and are somewhat reminiscent of classic salt shakers. The special thing about the Russian nozzles are the extremely finely crafted attachments with many different designs, with the help of which you can even spray flowers onto your baked goods. From tulips to buttercups to roses, the only limit is your imagination.

2. Piping Nozzles

Ornaments, flowers and patterns can also be applied to cupcakes with this tool. However, the piping tips are more suitable for larger frostings than for the final detailed work.

The classic version of a piping bag consists of a bag made of strong paper and a sturdy attachment at the top. Through this the solid cream, which you have chosen as frosty, is pressed through and spread evenly on the surface of the tartlet.

With the Piping Nozzles you can stage your cupcakes and even apply different layers in the form of tiers. If you also design them in color, you will create a true work of art. Many piping tips - for example made of silicone or coated paper - are reusable, so you don't have to buy a disposable product every time.


Cupcakes and similar mini tarts are sweet sins that everyone loves and that look wonderful on the coffee table or the dessert table. They are also a real highlight for weddings, birthdays and other parties, as you can give your baked goods a unique look thanks to the frosting and other filigree decorations. But the colorful tartlets also make very good gifts, as everyone who sees them immediately notices how much love and effort has gone into them.

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